1786 - 1857

and his descendants

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Thomas Ballard, bap. in Waltham, Canterbury, Kent, on 19 March 1786; died at Bridge Street, Charlton, Dover on 27 April 1857 and buried 3 May 1857. He was the son of Thomas Ballard and Sarah Foreman. He married Ann Powell in St Mary's Church, Dover on 20 October 1807.

Ann Powell, baptised 5 April 1789 in St. Mary's Church, Dover, the daughter of Lawrence Powell and Mary Marsh; died 25 November 1857 at Bridge street, Charlton, Dover and buried on 30 November 1857.

Children of Thomas Ballard and Ann Powell

Charlotte Ballard, born circa 1812. She married John Richards in Charlton on 1 September 1833.

Thomas Ballard, born 1812, baptised St Mary's Church, Dover, on 7 March 1813 (surname given as "Hallard"). More details

Sarah Ann Ballard, born circa 1816; buried Charlton on 12 October 1849. She married Isaac Champion, (born circa 1815, son of Isaac Champion) in Charlton on 23 September 1839 (for children see below)

William Ballard, born 11 June 1817, bap. Charlton on 15 April 1827. More details

Ann Ballard, born 3 April 1820, bap. at Charlton on 15 April 1827. She married Henry Beer (widower, born circa 1817, the son of Henry Beer, fisherman) in Charlton on 19 December 1837.

Richard Lawrence Ballard, born 1820(?), bap. Charlton on 20 October 1822. More details

Samuel Ballard, bap. Charlton on 13 November 1825. He married Ann Salmon Tilly on 28 October 1856, at which time he was described as a widower and dairyman living in Snargate Street. Elector 1854-56?.

Mary Ann Ballard, bap. Charlton on 13 April 1828. She married James Curling (widower, labourer, born 1820, son of William Curling, labourer) in Charlton on 2 October 1847.

(James) Lawrence Ballard, bap. Charlton on 13 February 1831. More details


Children of Isaac Champion and Sarah Ann Ballard

Sarah Champion, born circa 1840. At the time of the 1851 Census she was living with her her grandparents, Thomas and Ann Ballard.

Edward Champion, bap. Charlton on 12 June 1842

Harriet Champion, bap. Charlton on 11 August 1844

Isaac Champion, born 21 January 1847, bap. Charlton on 21 February 1847, buried Charlton on 8 October 1849