and his descendants

Lawrence Ballard, baptised Charlton, Dover on 13 February 1831; died 10 November 1864 in Hoxton, Middlesex and buried at Hougham on 21 November 1864. He was the son of Thomas Ballard and Ann Powell. He married Emma Pay on 15 April 1850. After her death he married Mary Elizabeth Cooper at Newington, Folkestone, on 25 March 1855.

Lawrence Ballard seems to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown, cause unknown, and was moved to Hoxton House, Middlesex, (see note below) for treatment some time between 1861, when he was still living in Dover, and the time of his death.

(1) Emma Pay (born circa 1830); died on 15 May 1853.

(2) Mary Elizabeth Cooper, baptised Charlton on 15 November 1835. After the death of her husband she never married again; died 1913

Children of Lawrence Ballard and Emma Pay

Matilda Ann Ballard, bap. in Christ Church, Hougham, Dover on 25 July 1852; died 1853.

Children of Lawrence Ballard and Mary Elizabeth Cooper

Sarah Ballard, baptised Christ Church in Hougham, Dover on 29 July 1855.

Esther Anne Ballard, born 2 October 1857, baptised Christ Church in Hougham on 29 November 1857. She married William Higgins on 1 March 1879.

Eliza Jane Ballard, born 15 December 1859, baptised Christ Church in Hougham on 5 February 1860 (name spelt Barlard). She married George Crepin at Dover on 13 October 1880.

Matilda Ballard, born 15 January 1862, baptised in St. Mary's Church, Dover on 8 June 1862. She married Edward Farringdon, mariner, on 7 June 1884.

Annie Ballard, baptised Christ Church in Hougham on 1 May 1864, died circa 1885?


Note: Hoxton House, known locally as Hoxton Madhouse, was in Hoxton Street and part of the old asylum still exists, incorporated into the school that replaced it on the site. At the time Lawrence Ballard was incarcerated, it was run by Mr John Woods, a surgeon. Among former inmates at one time were Charles and Mary Lamb (who had murdered her mother in a fit of insanity).


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