Brewers of Ginger Beer in Kent – Transfer printed bottles


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Adams, E, Deal

Ansell, C & Co., 48 Little Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells

Arrowsmith, G. T. & Co., 115 High Street and 32 Harbour Street, Whitstable

Ashford Breweries Ltd., Dover Place, Ashford

Austin, J, E., 3 Victoria Road, Ramsgate

Axcell, Alfred, Shrubbery Road, Gravesend

Axcell, W. R, 2 Upper Unity Street, Sheerness

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Barrett, George & Co., Eaton Road, Margate (later, circa 1924, 35 Addiscombe Road, Margate)

Bateup, W. E, Tonbridge

Bing, Edwin, 41 St. Georges Street, Canterbury

Bing Mineral Waters, Monastery St., Canterbury

Bishop,Thomas, High Street, Chatham

Bishop & Fox, The Brook, Chatham

Bodkin, W, 112 Week Street, Maidstone

Boswarthick, J, 18 King Street, New Brompton

Boxer, James, 34 Gladstone Road, Folkestone

Bryant, T. & Sons, Seal

Burgess, J, 31 Elliott Road, Bromley

Burgess, J, Maidstone Road, Hadlow (later Hadlow Road, Tonbridge

Burrall, Charles, 14 Hythe Street, Dartford

Butcher, C, 19 Richard Street, Chatham

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Chislehurst Mineral Water Company, Park Road, Chislehurst

Chittick, W.T, 38 St. Johns Road, Faversham

Cook, T & Son, 3 Dover Road, Folkestone, later 42 Geraldine Road, Folkestone

Court, J.W. & Son, North Barrack Road, Deal

Cremer, W. J. & Sons Ltd., 74 High Street, Sittingbourne

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Danes, T. & Sons, Anchor Brewery, Aylesford

Dartford Mineral Water Coo., 14A Hythe Street, Dartford

Direct Supply Sy0hon & Mineral Water Co., 223A Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells

District Supply Aerated Water Co., Tunbridge Wells

Dove & Phillips, 227 High Street, Rochester

Dove, Phillips & Pett, 227 High Street, Rochester

Dover & District Manufacturing Co. Ltd, 30 Bridge Street, Dover

Dunkley & Rogers, 55-57 High Street, Tunbridge Wells Dove, W, Eastgate Mineral Water Works, 227 High Street, Rochester

Dyer’s Ozonic Aerated water Co. Ltd, Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate

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East Kent Mineral Water Company, Sandwich

Excelsior Mineral Water Company, Portland Place, Dover Road, Folkestone

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Fairburn, J, 42 Dover Street, Maidstone

Finn, E & Son Ltd, 36 New Street, Ashford

Flinn, F & Co., Burton Brewery, William Street, Herne Bay

Folkestone & District Licensed Victuallers Mineral Water & General Supply Co. Ltd, 10 Foord Road, Folkestone

Fox & Bishop, The Brook, Chatham

Furber, G.E & Co. William Street, Herne Bay

Fyson, .W & Co., Tonbridge (and St. Leonard

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Globe Mineral Water Co., 48 New Street, Ashford#

Golder’s, Sheppey

Granville Hotel, East Cliff, Ramsgate

Griffin, Woodcock & Co. Ltd., Hawkhurst and 95 High Street, Tonbridge

Groom & Co., Sydenham

Grove Spa Mineral Water Cos., Ltd., 48 Little Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells

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Haig Brothers, Manor Road, Gravesend

Harlow, M. J, 33 Addiscombe Road, Margate

Harris, H & Co., Rock Spring Works, Hythe

Hayward, W. T, 12 Stuart Road, Gravesend

Hayward, W, 43 Milton Road, Maidstone

Holden, S, 25 Longport, Canterbury

Holmes, Charles & Sons, 1 Court Street, Faversham

Hop Ale Brewery Company, East Peckham

Hopkin, W, Dover Street, Folkestone

Horsley, J. T. & Co, Sevenoaks

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Isle of Thanet Mineral Water Co., Crow Hill, Broadstairs

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Jackson, W.D, 1 St. Paul Street, Sittingbourne

James, R, 18 New Street, Ashford

Johncock, J, 7 Hempsted Terrace, Ashford

Jones, Daniel, 1-2 Elizabeth Street, Dover

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Kirby, George, Church Street, Margate

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Langley, R, 1A Standen Street, Tunbridge Wells

Langley & Tuddenham, 1A Standen Street, Tunbridge Wells

Laurence, G. J., 23-25 St. Johns Street, Folkestone

Legg Brothers, George Street, Chatham

Leney’s Phoenix Brewery, Dolphin Lane, Dover

Li censed Victuallers Pure Mineral Water Co., Stone, Greenhithe

London, W. T. & Co, Essex Street, Whitstable

Lyle, A, Garden Street, Tunbridge Wells (also Calverley Street)

Lyle, Arthur, 77 Godington Road, Ashford

Lyle, D. T. J. & Sons, Ltd., 91 King Street, Maidstone

Lyle, E, Weston Road, Tunbridge Wells (later 13 Newton Road)

Lyle & Marshall Co. Ltd., 48 New Street, Ashford

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Marshall, J.W. Co. Ltd., 48 New Street, Ashford

Martin, A. J, 5 Richmond Street, Sheerness

Maskell & Son, 5 St. Peter Street, Westborough, Maidstone (from 1903 at 3 St. Peter Street)

Meenagh, J., Caroline Place, Market Square, Dover

Miller & Co. Ltd., Crow Hill, Broadstairs

Moore, J, 105 Shortlands Road, Bromley

Moore Brothers, Swanscombe

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Nash, Josiah, 22 Harmer Street, Gravesend

Newton, E, 2 High Street, Whitstable

Newton, J. H, 2 High Street, Whitstable

Nicholl, H. B, 73A High Street, Tonbridge

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Oldfield, M, 56 William Street, Herne Bay

The Ozonic Mineral Waters Co.Ltd.,Cannonbury Road, Ramsgate (from 1920 Cavendish Road then Broad Street, Ramsgate)

Ozonic Ltd., Westwood Road, St. Peters, Broadstairs

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Paragon Mineral Water Co. Ltd., 22 Sunnyside, Herne Bay

Pett, T, 32 Church Street, Chatham

Phillips, B. R, Invicta Works, 22-24 Railway Street, Chatham

Phillips, G, Lynton House, Jeyes Street, Chatham

Phillips, W.J, Chatham

Philpott, S.G, 1A Cavendish Road, Ramsgate

Pope, H, Crown Works, Staplehurs

Premier Mineral Waters, Market Place, Bexleyheath

Priory Mineral Water Co. Ltd., 21 Knightrider Street, Maidstone

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Ramsgate & District Mineral Water Co., 15-17 Turner Street, Ramsgate

Reeve & Co., Ltd., Hawley Street, Margate

Reynolds, A, 74 High Street, Sittingbourne

Reynolds, E. & Son, Church Street, Milton Regis

Roberts, S, 75 Upper Fant Road, Maidstone

Robins & Co., 89A Broad Street, Canterbury

Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham & District Mineral Water Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Wellington Street, Chatham

Ross, B. & Co., 54 Tontine Street, Folkestone

Rowcroft, A. E, 66 Week Street, Maidstone

Royal Marines, Deal

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Schollar, Walter, 54 Albany Road, Chatham

Seal Mineral Water Company, Seal

Sevenoaks Mineral water Co., High Street, Sevenoaks

Sewell, H.G, 56 William Street, Herne Bay

Shaxby Brothers, 18 Stour Street, Canterbury

Sheerness & District Licensed Victuallers Mineral Water Co. Ltd, Railway Street, Sheerness

Sheppey Mineral Water Co. Ltd, 73 Hope Street, Sheerness

Silver Spring Mineral Water Co. Ltd., Foord Road (previously Grace Hill), Folkestone

Snashall, A, 120 High Street, Hythe

Souter Mackenzie & Co., 143A High Street, Deal

Souter Mackenzie & Co., Blenheim Square, Dover and 104 Foord Road, Folkestone

Spendiff Brothers, 88 Whitstable Road, Faversham

Spendiff, W, 2 Highfield Road, Dartford

Star Mineral Water Co. Ltd., Essex Street, Whitstable

Style & Winch Ltd. Medway Brewery, Maidstone

Swan, S. J, 148 High Street, Tonbridge

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Taylor Brothers, West Street, Faversham

Temperance Beer Company, Maidstone

Thorne, W.A, & Co., The Stores, Borough Green

Tomkins, C. & Co., 30 High Street, Canterbury

Tomson & Wotton, 73 Queen Street, Ramsgate

Tuddenham Brothers, 1A Standen Street, Tunbridge Wells

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Wastall, E.G & Co., 61 Queen Street, Ramsgate

Waters, W., 28 Salisbury Road, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

Watts, H. & G, New Street, Sandwich

West Kent Brewery, Upper Elmers End Road, Beckenham

Whiddett, D & Co., Tower Works, Richmond Street, Herne Bay also Mineral Water Works, Mortimer Street

Whiffen,D.J, InvIcta Works, Railway Street, Chatham

Williams & Dean, Thomas Road, Sittingbourne (and Windsor)

Willsher, Stephen, Tenterden

Wraith, Charles, Oxenden Street, Dover (also Limekiln Street and Elizabeth Street)

Wraith, P. E, 71 Biggin Street, Dover

Wraith & Wood, Elizabeth Street, Dover

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 XL Mineral Water Supply Association, Granville Yard, Station Road, Westgate
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Young, A, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

Young, W, 51 Hempsted Street, Ashford

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Last updated: 16 June 2016