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William Charles Hadley Elks, family, parents & ancestors

My great grandfather was William Elks and he was born in 1835 in Wellington, Shropshire. (He appears in the 1841 census for Wellington as aged 5).

Before him his father was also called William who was born in 1801.

My grandfather was Stephen Elks born 22/1/1859 in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire. I have names & dates for all my father's brothers and sisters except for three or four who died in infancy mostly aged one or under. Also the dates of birth & marriages and details of my five cousins.

My side of the family originated in Shropshire, moved to Staffordshire and finally to Yorkshire circa the mid 1920s first in Doncaster then York in order to take advantage of the work opportunities.



1. William Charles Hadley Elks. Born 14 April 1900 at Bar Hill, Madely, Newcastle under Lyme and died 5 September1960 at 11 Winchester Avenue, Poppleton Rd., York. He worked in Doncaster in the 1920s and married Florence Leeson on 4 Jananuary1930 at Spring Gardens Primitive Methodist Church, Doncaster. In the early 1930s they moved to York after the Depression and he worked at the York Carriage Works as a coach-builder for the London & North eastern Railway. He was just too old at the start of World War 2 to be called up into the Army, so, as he was one of a small group who had no fear of heights, he spent his war years installing and repairing the blackout systems on the roofs of the York Carriage Works. Then returned to building railway coaches after the war was over. He was the son of 2.Stephen Elks and 3.Susannah Hadley. Florence Leeson was the daughter of George Leeson and Elizabeth Swain.


Generation No. 2

2. Stephen Elks was born on 22 January 1859 in Newcastle under Lyme and died in 1926 in Doncaster. His occupation on the 1881 census was baker (this had also been told to me by my father when I was a child). He was the son of 4. William Elks and 5. Emma Bromley and on the 16 January 1879 married 3. Susannah Hadley at St.John, Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

3. Susannah Hadley was christened on 14 June1859 at Saint Mary, Brewood, Stafford and died at Newcastle under Lyme in 1926. She was the daughter of 6. Charles Hadley and 7. Eleanor


Children of Stephen Elks and Susannah Hadley

Jesse Hadley Elks 1880 - (m. 1901)
[Eleanor Elks 1881 - ]?
[Annie Louisa Elks 1881 - ]?
Stephen Elks 1883 - 1884
Susan Elks 1885 - 1887
Gertrude Elks 1889 - (m. 1911)
Ethel Elks 1891 - (m. 1919)
Elsie Maud Elks 1895 - (m. 1917)
Lily Elks 1897 - (m.1918)
Minnie Elks 1900 -
William Charles Hadley Elks 1900 - 1960
Horace Bromley Elks 1902 - 1990s


Generation No. 3

4. William Elks was baptised on 23 July 1835 in Wellington, Shropshire, England. He was the son of 8.William Elks Sr. and 9. Sarah Jones and died in 1889 at Newcastle under Lyme. The occupation is given as labourer. On 29 June 1857 he married Emma Bromley at Wolstanton, Staffs.

5. Emma Bromley The 1881 census shows her as born at Wrexham. She died in 1912 at Wolstanton and was the daughter of 10. Stephen Bromley and 11. ------- ------


Children of William Elks and Emma Bromley.

Births from the IGI records

Mark Elks 27/10/1857 - 1927 (in Doncaster)
Stephen Elks 22/1/1859 - 1926 (in Doncaster)
William Henry Elks 1/4/1860 - 1917 (Newcastle under Lyme)
Sarah Ann Elks 10/1/1862
Selina Elks 7/4/1866 - 1880 (Newcastle under Lyme)
Charles Elks 6/9/1868 - 1918 (Newcastle under Lyme)

From the 1881 census (year of birth from GRO)

Emily Elks age 16 (1864)
Martha Elks age 11 (1869) (m. 1891)
Mary Elks 1871 - 1876
Arthur Elks age 7 (1873) - 1939 Derby
Fred Elks age 6 (1875)
Albert Elks age 4 (1877)
Polly Elks age 1 (1879)


John Thomas Bromley Elks 1863 -


6. Charles Hadley

7. Eleanor ------


Generation No. 4


8. William Elkes. Senior. In the 1841 census for Ragfield Row, Wellington, Shropshire, he was listed as a labourer. He married 9.Sarah Jones on 13 August 1821 at Wellington, Shrops. However the family had moved to Green Croft, Bilston, Staffordshire by the 1851 census and both William and Sarah listed their ages as 58, giving him a christening date of 28th.December 1794 at Wellington,Shropshire.

9. Sarah Jones

Children of William Elks and Sarah Jones.

Martha Elks bap. 2/5/1824 -
Emma Elks bap. 2/5/1824 -
Mark Elks bap. 29/4/1827 -
William Elks bap. 23/7/1835 -

10. Edward Bromley

11. Hannah Chidley


Generation No. 5

16. Edward Elks. Was baptised inUpton Magna, Shropshire on 5 April 1768, the son of 32. John Elks and 33. Mary Williams. He married 17. Mary Gregory on 2 September 1793 at Wellington.

17. Mary Gregory


Children of Edward Elks and Mary Gregory.

William Elks bap. 28/12/1794
Samuel Elks bap. 12/6/1803
Edward Elks bap. 12/6/1803
Thomas Elks bap. 7/2/1808
Mary Elks bap.7/2/1808
Elizabeth Elks bap.18/2/1810

18 -31 Awaiting research

Generation No. 6


32.John Elks. Was baptised in Upton Magna on6 January 1720, the son of 64.Samuel Elks and 65.Anne Priece. He married 33. Mary Williams 2nd. February, 1748.

33. Mary Williams The daughterof 66. Robert Williams and 67. Mary -----


Children of John Elks and Mary Williams

Anne Elks bap.17/11/1749
Samuel Elks bap.12/2/1752
John Elks bap.6/1/1755

Thomas Elks bap.23/10/1759
Richard Elks bap 31/5/1762
William Elksbap. 1/1/1765
Edward Elks bap. 5/4/1768

34 63. Awaiting research

Generation No. 7


64. Samuel Elks, baptised on 21 November 1685 at Little Ness, Shropshire, the son of 128 John Elks and 129 Elizabeth ------. He married 65. Anne Priece on the 24th.May, 1717 at Upton Magna.

65. Ann Priece

Children of Samuel Elks and Anne Priece

Samuell Elkes, baptised in Upton Magna on 29 November 1718
John Elks, baptised in Upton Magna in July 1720
Ann Elks, baptised in Upton Magna on 1 January 1721

66. Robert Williams

67. Mary -----

68-127. Awaiting research

Generation No. 8


128. John Elks, buried in Great Ness on 13 April 1696 (same time as his daughter Sarah). Almost certainly the son of Richard Elkes and Margaret ----- (see note below) baptised in Baschurch on 28 January 1651/1652. It appears that 129. Elizabeth ----- was his second wife as there is a Catherine Elkes, wife of John Elkes, buried in Great Ness on 1 January 1683/1684 and a son of that marriage, Richard Elkes, baptised at Little Ness on 6 February 1679/1680, as well as twin children buried in 1683. Neither marriage seems to have been recorded in Shropshire.

129. Elizabeth -------, buried in Great Ness on 11 November 1695.


Children of John Elks and Elizabeth ----

Samuel Elks bap. 21/11/1685
Thomas Elks bap. 8/7/1690 - bur. 19/12/1691
Sarah Elks bap.13/5/1695 - bur. 13/4/1696

NOTE: John Elks was a resident of Cliffe in the parish of Baschurch at the time of his death. There is a child Mary, with parents Richard and Margaret Elkes, baptised in Little Ness on 17 May 1655. These appear to be the only children of this marriage in the records.