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Richard Lawrence Ballard, born 1820 (baptised 20 January 1822); died 24 August 1901 at 2 Shooters Hill, Buckland, Dover. He was the son of Thomas Ballard and Ann Powell. He worked as a general labourer, as a stoker in the gasworks and in later years as a fish hawker. He married Elizabeth Ann Dennis at Hougham Church, near Dover, on 2 November 1840.

Elizabeth Ann Dennis, baptised 16 September 1821 in Lydden, Dover; died 3 April 1892 at 2 Shooters Hill, Buckland, Dover. She was the daughter of George Dennis and Elizabeth Prescott.

Children of Richard Lawrence Ballard and Elizabeth Ann Dennis

Elizabeth Ann Ballard, born 6 January 1841, bap. Charlton on 12 February 1841.

Note: There is an Elizabeth Ann Ballard who marries an Edward Sutton, mariner RN, in Charlton on 28 October 1861 but her father's name is given as George Ballard. If she was the daughter of Richard Ballard then this may be a subterfuge as she would have been underage. An Elizabeth Ann Ballard has two illegitimate children born in the Union Workhouse, Emily (1 February 1858) and Ann Elizabeth (31 December 1860). The latter child died in March 1861.

Richard John Ballard, born 24 April 1842, bap. Charlton on 31 May 1846. More details

Frederick Ballard, bap. Charlton 26 February 1844. He married Eliza ----- circa 1866 (possibly in Barham, her place of birth?). (For children see below)

William Ballard, born 22 February 1846, bap. Charlton 4 October 1846; he married Jane Bowman (born 1849, daughter of William Bowman, labourer) on 26 December 1868. (For children see below)

George Ballard, born 1 June 1848, bap. Charlton on 2 June 1848

Thomas Ballard born February 1851 (on Census aged 2 months); buried Charlton on 18 September 1853 (aged 2 years and 8 months)

Emily Ballard, bap. Charlton on 9 April 1853; buried Charlton on 11 September 1853

Thomas Ballard, born circa 1855 (1881 census)

Sarah Ann Ballard, bap. Charlton on 18 May 1856; died before April 1857

Sarah Ann Ballard, bap. Charlton on 27 April 1857; buried Charlton on 3 May 1857 (aged 7 weeks)

Samuel Ballard, bap. Charlton on 4 May 1858; buried Charlton on 17 May 1858 (aged 14 days)

James Ballard, bap. Charlton on 14 May 1858; buried Charlton on 20 July 1858 (aged 2 months)

James Ballard, bap. Charlton 1 March 1862; buried Charlton on 15 March 1862 (aged 2 months)

Ellen Ballard, born circa 1863 (1881 Census)


Children of Frederick Ballard and Eliza ------

Olive Ballard, bap. Buckland on 27 September 1867

Frederick Ballard, born circa 1871 (1881 Census)

George Ballard, bap. Buckland on 5 October 1873

Samson (Samuel) Ballard, born on 24 May 1876 at Chapel Hill, bap. Buckland on 12 November 1876

Ellen (Nellie) Ballard, born at 16 Branch Street, bap. Charlton on 10 April 1878 (mother's name recorded as Elizabeth)

Jane (Janie) Ballard, born circa 1880 (1881 census)


Children of William Ballard and Jane Bowman

Bertha Ballard, bap. Buckland on 2 February 1870

Thomas William Ballard, bap. Charlton on 18 April 1872

William Richard Ballard, born at Chapel Hill, bap. Buckland on 16 May 1875

Emma Kezia Ballard, bap. Charlton on 21 July 1876

Mary Jane Ballard, bap. Charlton on 27 March 1878

Annie Ballard, bap. Charlton on 8 March 1879

George Edward Ballard, born at 7 George Street on 1 July 1881, bap. Buckland on 12 July 1881.