Elks Families in the 1881 Census


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The following derived from the 1881 Census of England and Wales. It shows the names, age and place of birth for each person as shown in the census and any occupation listed. I give no guarantee as to the completeness or accuracy of the information below and anyone researching their own family tree is advised to use it only as a guide and to check the actual census. Apart from any transcription errors that may have occurred a further warning is necessary concerning the stated ages in the census. Experience has shown me that for the most part they are reasonably accurate within a year or so, but sometimes there are discrepancies.

In the lists anything enclosed in brackets is my own interpolation and is not necessarily correct.

Ken Elks


Registration district: Derby All Saints

Householder: Thomas Frearson
Olivier(Olivia) Elks, aged 17, domestic servant, born: Derbyshire


Registration district: Derby St Alkmund

Lodger with householder: Michael Loughlin
Charles Elks, aged 52, farm labourer, born: (Darley Abbey), Derbyshire
[Note: baptised 26 April 1829. His parents were Thomas and Ann Elkes]

Sister of householder: Elizabeth Malkin
Eliza Elks, aged 58, cotton factor(y worker), born: Nottinghamshire

Householder: Samuel Elks, aged 62, wood turner, born: Alton, Staffordshire
[Note: Baptised 20 February 1820. His parents were Thomas and Ann Elkes]
Wife: Hannah Elks, aged 63, born: Tansley, Derbys.
Son: Thomas Elks, aged 41, general labourer, born: Darley Abbey, Derbys.
Son: Samuel Elks, aged 19, civil service (...), born: Darley Abbey, Derbys.
Son: Arthur Jos. (James) Elks, aged 16, grocer's assistant, born: Darley Abbey, Derbys.

Householder: Samuel Elks, aged 31, labourer at round(...), born: Darley (Abbey), Derbys.
[Note: Baptised 13 July 1851. His parents were Paul and Sarah Elks]
Wife: Ann Elks, aged 31, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: William Elks, aged 11, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Daughter: Sarah Eliz(abe)th Elks, aged 2, born: Derby, Derbys.

Householder: Sarah Ann Elks, aged 69, laundress, born: Darley Abbey, Derbys.
Grandaughter: Mabel Alice Elks, aged 11, scholar, born: Derbyshire

Householder: Thomas Elks, aged 29, labourer, born: Birmingham, (Warwickshire)
[Note: Baptised 28 June 1852. His parents were Thomas and Olivia Elks (see below)]
Wife: Sarah Ann Elks, aged 26, born: Derbyshire
Daughter: Ruth Elks, aged 4, born: Derbyshire
Son: John Thomas Elks, aged 3, born: Derbyshire
Son: William Elks, aged 1, born: Derbyshire.


Registration district: Derby St. Peter

Boarder with householder: Thomas Haines
James Elks, aged 60, iron labourer, born: Rawshorn, Staffordshire

Householder: Thomas Elks, aged 50, brass polisher, born: Birmingham, (Warwickshire)
Note: Baptised 27 December 1830. He was the son of Thomas and Eleanor Elks]
Wife: Olivia Elks, aged 49, born: Birmingham, Warwickshire
Daughter: Ada E Elks, aged 16, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys. (birth registered Newport, Salop.?)
Son: Daniel Elks, aged 10, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys. (birth registered Newport, Salop.?)

Householder: William Elks, aged 37, cotton twist (...), born: Darley, Derbys.
[Note: Baptised 23 October 1842. He was the son of Paul and Sarah (nee Twigg) Elks]
Wife: Hannah (nee Twells) Elks, aged 40, born: Castle Donington, Leicestershire
Son: Paul Elks, aged 17, threader, born: Derby, Derbys.
Daughter: Florence Elks, aged 13, net mender, born: Derby, Derbys.
Daughter: Hannah Elks, aged 10, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: William Elks, aged 8, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: Joseph Elks, aged 5, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: John Elks, aged 3, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: Arthur Elks, aged 1, born: Derby, Derbys.
[Note: Baptised 21 August 1879]  

Registration district: Derby St Werburgh

Householder: Thomas Elks, aged 63, general smith, born: Farley, Staffordshire
Wife: Patience Elks, aged 56, born: Turnditch, Derbys.
Son: Thomas James Elks, aged 16, moulder, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: Francis Bernard Elks, aged 13, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys


Registration district: Litchurch

Householder: Charles Elks, aged 32, railway clerk, born: Darley Abbey, Derbys.
[Note: His parents were Samuel and Hannah Elks]
Wife: Elizabeth Elks, aged 32, railway clerk's w(ife), born: Cratfield, Suffolk

Householder: Hannah Elks, aged 39, dressmaker, born: East Leake, Nottinghamshire
Daughter: Catherine Elks, aged 12, scholar, born: (Derby) St Peters, Derbys.

Householder: John Elks, aged 39, tinplate wor(ker), born: Derby, Derbys.
Wife: Sarah J(ane) Elks, aged 36, born: Grimster, Leicestershire
Daughter: Thurza A(nn) Elks, aged 12, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Son: George G Elks, aged 10, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Daughter: Ellen Elks, aged 7, scholar, born: Derby, Derbys.
Visitor: George Elks, aged 28, unem(ployed) labourer, born: Darley, Derbys.

Householder: William Towle
William Elks, aged 15, page (inn), born: Derbyshire


Registration district: Longford

Householder: John Burnett
William Elks, aged 23, waggoner indo(...), born: Alton, Staffordshire


Registration district: Shirland

Householder: Ephraim Millward
Visitor: William Helks, aged: 2, born: Bilston, Staffordshire


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