Swedish Dummies

Early Swedish dummies (from the 1920s) had stained cases with a series of cannelures around the case wall. Those encountered have fired (indented) primers and a variety of headstamps. 6.5mm Mauser dummies with round-nosed bullets are longer (78mm) than those with pointed bullets (76mm). More recent dummies are quite distinctive. They all have plated cases and just two deep grooves around the case. The first examples were made from fired cases (some of Finnish manufacture) but modern dummies are made from new components that have blind primer pockets and, as a further aid to identification, green lacquered bullets.

Left to right: (1) Early 6.5mm Mauser with blackened case   (2) 6.5mm Mauser with plated case (round-nosed bullet)   (3) 6.5mm Mauser with pointed bullet  (4) 6.5mm Mauser with green lacquered bullet    (5) 7.62mm NATO  (6) 8mm "Bofors"  
(7) 9mm Long Browning   (8) 9mm Parabellum made from Finnish cases   (9) 9mm Parabellum with dark green lacquered bullet  
(10) More modern 9mm parabellum with light green lacquered bullet  


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